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Secure Containers Service

West Michigan Document Shredding offers a large selection of security containers for your convenience.

We can match containers to office woodwork or company colors, or provide what works best for you. A few examples of our storage units include:

  • 64-Gallon Tote (225 pound capacity)

  • 96-Gallon Tote. Holds up to 350 pounds

  • Large Executive Container (perfect for settings with its 125-pound capacity)

  • Under Desk Containers (capacity 50 pounds)

  • Other containers are available to fit needs

Secure Containers Service

West Michigan Document Shredding also provides containers for purging documents:

  • Dump documents during end -of-year purging

  • Clean out large volumes of old documents or other items that need to be removed and destroyed by simply tossing the documents into our large, lockable 96 gallon wheeled totes.

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